Never giving up on my petite fashion hunt

I’m back after a more than petite break

Hello everybody

I spent a fair bit of money in April on clothes so I could rekindle my neglected petite fashion blog….Then disaster hit A little va va voom! – the blog, not me – the site broke down. The fault meant that I could not up-load images or even posts. I tried to fix it a number of times and spoke to my website hosts and they were flummoxed too and couldn’t fix it either! I’m doomed, or at least that’s what I thought. Then, all by itself it started to work. Phew! So I am back and have quite a bit to show you over the next few weeks.

In case you did not know, today, 1st August is Yorkshire Day and the birthday of A little va va voom. Despite my erratic postings on this petite blog, I do actually enjoy writing about the clothes I find. Especially if they are actually from a petite range, are stylish and age appropriate. You know how I moan about the fact that fashion labels think that we ladies over 40 don’t care about fashion let alone the petite issue.

So, instead of writing loads of posts about clothes I bought weeks and weeks ago, I’m going to do one big posts with loads of stuff to look at… It might be a little longer than usual, sorry about that but I hope you enjoy it.

Next Petite Suit

Next Petite Blue Linen Suit

Before I start this item I have to mention the outstanding service I received from the girls in the Next Store in Colton. they were simply amazing. Thanks Girls xxx

Okay, here goes  ( I loved this suit when I bought it – and bought  it on-line, as the petite range in Next stores is limited).

When I tried it on, I got that Wow factor! This is perfect I thought. I loved the colour, shape and the fit. Well it does fit beautifully and has a few little touches of detail that make the suit super cool.

Shirene Rahmani Full body

However, it’s linen! Augh – Somehow I missed this detail as the pictures on the Next website, shows a beautifully pressed suit with no creases at all. Oh  and one super tall model, even on the petite pages… It comes in pink too.  The suit I got had contrasting buttons to the ones shown on this blue suit.

Next Suit

The creases in the this suit make me less likely to wear it for work. So something that I thought was value for money… I mean a whole suite for £90 is great – right?… But not if you’re reluctant to wear it!  I intended to wear it for work but it’s super creasyness dilutes the professional image a suit is supposed to give. I should have taken the advice of my Mother and  returned it ‘tout suite!’


The simple white top the shop assistants picked out for me has a fun twist with this stripe down the back. I bought this in a size bigger than usual as it’s very clingy and the arm holes seemed too tight making it uncomfortable.

Petite, Next white topwithblue stripe down the back

OASIS Denim Dress

You know my love for all things Oasis as they very rarely let me down. This denim dress is a great all rounder… But what’s every exciting about Oasis is that they now have a petite range. This is not from it but watch this space as the wonderful Ruth, the stylist at Oasis and I will be doing a Petite range post very soon.

Oasis Denim Dress, Petite Fashion, A little va va voon

I love the simple detail of the dress, the top stiching , chunky zip and detail on the waist.

Petite Fashion, Petite Nest Suit, Gap Grey Cropped Trousers , Oasis Denim Dress

Oasis Denim dress

Oasis denim dress

I had worn this dress all day and it creased which is a bit annoying…

Petite Ranges

I guess the lack of petite posts on the blog just highlights the lack of petite labels out there and, if I am honest, this fact is partially to blame for my lack of postings… Well, together with funds, laziness and time.
I do know that I am particularly short so often even petite labels can be too long. Don’t forget most petite ranges state they cater for ‘women who are 5’4” and under’… But where’s the under? What it should say is clothes for people who are 5’4” as there’s not the same choices of length you get from the so-called ‘regular’ range.

Petite Fashion, Gap Trousers,

Gap – Now they do have a petite range but sadly it’s not available in my nearest store!!! No idea why!

I have a always loved Gap trousers, and particularly the ones that are a cross between a jean and trousers.

These grey trousers are actually regular, but should be a cropped trouser…. Almost a perfect length for me. Gap’s fit can be quite generous and looking at these images I think should have gone for the next size down and would make these a Gap size 2 making them a British size 4- If only!!! Also the back pockets are lined and crinkle up and look a bit unslightly.

Petiteblog, Gap Trousers

The front pocket detail is rather cute, but usless, as they are just for show…

Petite Fashsion, Gp, Petite Blog

And the shirt is also Gap, I bought it some time ago, the colour is lovely with the grey. Although it did shrink and is nowhere a baggy now..

Most of clothes shown in this post are still avavilbe and if you’re lucky they’ll be in the sale, or they still have  simular but in a different colour.

Sorry again for the break and with a bit of luck I’ll be back with more petite finds.

Bye for now

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How to make traditional homemade crumpets

Easy Homemade Crumpets

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There’s nothing quite like light fluffy melt-in-your-mouth homemade crumpets. They’re much tastier than those rubbery shop bought ones. It’s true, they’ll take you a little longer to make but, trust me, once you’ve made these comforting crumpets, you won’t be toasting anything else. Continue Reading

Winter boots

Wellie Boots

A Little Va Va Voom, Petite Fashion Blog, Petite Fashion, Ankle Boots, Tesco

It’s that time of year – you know, when you say to yourself  ”Really, Boots! On no, not just yet.” Mainly because this choice of footwear seems to seal the door on any hope of an Indian Summer. I love September – OK so it’s my birthday month, and October as I think they’re pretty months. All the leaves changing colour and the low sun seems to give a lovely golden light… sorry, gone all girly. Continue Reading

Jolly Petite Jacket

I love the colour of this petite jacket

Okay, okay, so it’s the height of summer, and here’s me in a bloomin’ rain coat, but at least it’s a bright one, unlike the dreary June weather when these photos were taken. But then again, it’s ideal weather really to show you one of my latest petite purchases.

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Petite Jeans

‘Forever in Blue Jeans’ – So the song goes

For petites, obviously,  it’s the leg length that’s our first consideration before we can even think about the style or colour of our jeans. Buying a regular length jean and turning them up may not be a great solution, as it changes the whole cut.  Often they are pre-faded, to flatter a longer leg, making them less flattering once turned up on we petites, as the pre-worn knees actually fall at our shins!

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Gin Tasting


A little change from a petite fashion post

Gin, Gin Tasting Beefeater , Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray, Hendricks, No 209, Hayman's old Tom, Bols Genever

The other night, for the first time, I attended a gin tasting evening – (Although, I might add, it’s not the first time I have had gin!)

Now, I planned to write an informed post about the history of gin and to list of all the amazing botanicals that go into producing the unique flavours of the eight fabulous (some more than others) gins we sampled… Perhaps a little ambitious for a lightweight  such as myself…… perhaps I should have only taken sips or used the spittoon thing provided  but ya know how it is – so I ended up quite drunk.
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Shopping for your ‘unmentionables’

A correctly fitted bra ads more than a little va va voom!

A Little Va Va Voom, Bravissimo Review, Petite Fashion, Petite Blog, Petite Fashion Blog

I have wondered about adding this feature for a while now and have um’d and ah’d about how I can write a post about bras. I know it’s a petite fashion blog and should cover all things petite, but I’m not going to talk about petite boobs, as size doesn’t matter… I hope anyway!

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Here’s to New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone…

Petite Fashion Blog, Petite Blog, New Year's Resolutions


Okay, Okay so I am a few days- possibly nearer a week – late with this greeting but like you, this time of year seems to be both hectic and laid back all at the same time so best made plans seem to get lost in the festivities.

So, here we are at the start of the New Year and, like you, I  have made a number of resolutions.

The first one involves not snacking on sugary snacks which, let’s face it, has to be a good thing. My second resolution is to devote more time to A little va va voom. You see, shortly after launching my petite fashion blog, I  managed to land myself a full time office job… Now, obviously, this has been great, only it has meant that I cannot devote enough time to posting my musings on here… So to ensure that I can keep my New Year’s resolution of showing my fellow petite shoppers what I’ve found on the petite rails I had a little chat with my boss and have been lucky enough to reduce my hours. Yeah! Meaning that I have more time to do all the Tweeting, Instagramming (#follow ) and everything else that goes with creating a fantastic petite fashion blog, which  I hope you’ll love enough to subscribe to – go on, it’ll only take a minute.

Here’s a quick catch-up on some of my posts from last year.

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Not so petite feet

Cream shoes heading towards winter. Yes or No?

I don’t know why, but people always seem shocked when I tell them my shoe size ? – I think they think that as petite shopper that my shoe size should be a size 2, or something I have feet not trotters!.. Thankfully I am a size 4, as I think if they were any smaller then I  would struggle finding shoes too.

I bought these cream shoes a bit ago from Hobbs. Some of you may have seen a Tweet or two or perhaps noticed them on Instagram, if not then please follow me on Twitter @alittlevavavoom or on Instagram @shirenepickspetite.


Petite fashion blog, Petite fashion, Petite, Petite fashion blogger, Hobbs Shoes,

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Help! Petite Fashion blogger in need of make-up top tips…

Can you help?

This week I thought I’d try something a little different on my petite blog and chat to you about make-up, something I really struggle with. You see, I don’t really know what to buy, let alone how to apply it. So after a little bit of guidance from the helpful woman at the make-up counter, I have just bought one or two new bits of make-up, in the hope of teaching myself how to put the stuff on. I have started with some foundation.
Click on the image below to read my review on  Stila’s Illuminating Liquid Foundation and Stila’s Skin Tone Correcting & Brightening  Serum.

Sitla Foundation Review, Stila Foundation, Stila Make-up, Petite fashion Blog


Must be time for a new wardrobe!

This petite blogger has gone and landed themselves a lovely new job… Must be time for new wardrobe


Whoop Whoop! I have been lucky enough to land myself a new job, this time in an office, so no more working from home in my PJ’s and tea breaks in the garden with neighbours. Even though it’s only a temporary job, I felt that it’s the perfect opportunity to treat myself to a new dress from the Asos petite range. As usual it did not take me long to find a few great petite dresses, but I fell in love with this really cute knitted dress, with a little white ruffle, which makes the dress fun and cheers up an otherwise dark dress. What’s more it was in the sale – a real bargain at £9 plus, as usual the dress was delivered to my door free of charge. Now, you can’t say fairer than that!

Asos Petite Dress, Petite, Petite Blogger, A little va va voom

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Disappointing visit to M&S petite department

Oh Marks and Spencer where is your va va voom



Marks And Spencer Petite, Petite Fashion. Petite Fashion Blog

Today I visited the M&S petite department, in their founding city, Leeds. I know it’s not their flagship store, but I would have expected more from a large, recently refurbished Marks and Spencer’s petite range. Especially in a major city that once had the grand title of ‘The Knightsbridge of the North’ – Ha!

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The perfect pair of petite black trousers?

Firstly ladies, so sorry for the delay in posting this item… It seems my first tentative steps into the world of petite fashion blogging has been hampered by misfortune, as the life of a blogger is so dependent on the reliability of their service provider and PC… But now all fixed phew! So fingers crossed, I will posting on a regular basis.


As I have said in other posts ‘A little va va voom’ is not about styling, it’s about showing you what’s available on the petite rails, both on the high street and on-line. There’s already plenty of bloggers out there doing a perfectly lovely job with the styling advice, so I am giving it a miss. Plus I am not that great at it myself, so I too will be taking from #styleblogging world.


Oh I really need to find the perfect pair of petite black trousers…

Petite, petite black trousers, petite blog, petite blogger, petite fashion

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OMG! A £5 Dress

Whoop Whoop it’s arrived! And nothing went wrong!

Wow! It arrived as promised, very pleased with the service from everything for five pounds. I was kept in the loop every step of the way  I placed my order and received several reassuring emails explaining just where my order was. You know!

Dear  A little va va voom, your order has been picked

Dear  A little va va voom, your order has been dispatched

Dear  A little va va voom, your order should be with by Saturday 2nd August


Yahoo Saturday and postie brought me a parcel. 

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